sympathy flowers

Flowers are an expression of respect, sympathy and love. Flowers play an important part in saying goodbye, from classic whites and pastels to favourite colours and favourite flowers. We understand times of mourning are difficult. We aim to make the process as simple as possible in working with you to design special flowers to reflect the personality of your loved one.

At Studio Blooms we pride ourselves on creating stunning funeral flowers. We are happy to be guided by you otherwise you can leave it to our floral professionals to create and deliver beautiful floral tributes to honour your loved ones. Floral tributes include casket flowers, floral wreaths, hearts or crosses and ceremony flowers.

Casket Flowers

We work with you in creating and delivering the perfect most beautiful arrangement that best pays tribute to your loved one.

Starting at $400. Designed to all sizes from approx. 120cm to full casket. Prices vary according to size and flowers


Stunning large service arrangements to smaller sized arrangements and sympathy bouquets. All designed perfectly to suit your needs.

Starting at $175 for bouquets to $550 for large arrangements, prices vary according to size and flowers


Wreaths, hearts and crosses designed in varying sizes. These are a lovely tribute at a service or at burials. Starting at $200.

You may already have a special flower and colour in mind that is significant to you and your loved one. If not here are some examples of meaningful colours for funerals to help you in your decision making.


  • White roses symbolise purity, peace and innocence
  • Red roses convey love and respect
  • Pink roses signify gratefulness for the deceased
  • Yellow roses symbolise friendship
  • Dark crimson rose conveys sorrow


  • Red – strength respect devotion and love
  • Blue – sadness sympathy and peace
  • Orange – enthusiasm joy and warmth
  • Purple – respect sorrow sympathy and admiration
  • Yellow – friendship warmth and hope
  • Pink – grace compassion and innocence
  • Green – nature wellness and renewal
  • White – elegance, reverence, purity and eternal love

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